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So recently I’ve been displaying my work in Bernies Treasures Just for you, in Emmet Street, Trim. Below, you’ll see the selection of prints I have available there at the moment, and a little bit about what drew me to each scene


This is the oldest visible monument on the Hill of Tara and is thought to be over 5,000 years old. A passage tomb similar to Newgrange, it is 3 meters high and 15 meters in diameter. People often watch the sunset over the Boyne Valley from this vantage point and I was lucky to capture this couple doing just that. I love the colours, the cloud formation and the magical light that always seems to be on the hill. This print is available in a 8.5 x 11 inch print with 2 inch off white mount.

This was taken the same evening as “The Mound of the Hostages” so it shows the same fabulous clouds and gorgeous evening light.  Love the silhouettes of people chatting and catching up.  It is available in the 8.5″ x 11″ with an off white mount.  

You may have noticed a lot of my pictures contain interesting light.  This picture captures a sun glare through one of the trees on the Hill of Tara.  Light can be magical and there is no where more 
magical and mystical that this ancient site.  Print available in 8.5 ” x 11″ with 2″ white mount. 

A silhouette of “The Wishing Tree” at the Hill of Tara.  People tie ribbons, rags and little trinkets as symbols of their wishes and dreams to this Hawthorne tree.   On first glance it looks like a picture of a “normal” tree, but on closer examination you’ll see the little bits and pieces people have tied to it. 


The wooden Bailey Bridge at the back of Trim Castle is always adorned with boxes of colourful flowers during the months of Spring and Summer. This picture was taken through one of these boxes of flowers at sunset, looking up towards the Old Bridge (beside the Sally Rogers pub) . This picture is available in 14 ” x 22″ print with 2″ off white mount.
Probably the most common angle to take a picture of Trim Castle, however I couldn’t resist those clouds and gorgeous sky on a beautiful evening in May. Available in 10″ x 16″ with 2″ off white mount.
Those clouds… the sky… the sun lined up with the window to give a sun glare, need I say more. When printed you can also see the little buttercups that fill the porch fields in Trim in May. This image was taken the same evening as “Trim Castle at Sunset ” and is available in same size. I think they make a lovely set.

I think one of the most beautiful sights you’ll see in Trim are the Cherry Blossoms on the church lawn each May.  Depending on how windy it is at this time of year, the blossoms might only last a couple of weeks.  I love this picture as it shows the famous castle at a different angle, taking advantage of this gorgeous annual scene.  Available in 16 ” x 22″ print with 2″ off white mount


I find there’s something very soothing about this picture, I think its the way the light is glistening on the water.  It looks so peaceful, you can almost hear the water gently lapping against the boat.  This one is available in A3 size and a black mount.
There’s something about seeing these fishing boats docked in the evenings, you can’t help but think about the tough days had out at sea, but still in this light everything looks so tranquil. 
These two are available in A3 with 2″ off white mount.


This picture was taken at St. Anne’s Park in Raheny, Dublin.  This little footbridge is gorgeous , it reminds me of something from a children’s story that a troll would hide under!.  I had just walked through the arch and was walking way when I turned to look back and found that the light had changed and was falling beautifully.  I took the shot straight away and love the result.

The picture below, was taken the other side of that footbridge and shows the Naniken river surrounded by beautiful Autumn colours.
Both of these pictures are available in a 14″ x 22″ print with 2″ off white mount. 

Thank you for taking time to look at this page, if you have any queries or would like to know prices or would like any variance in sizes etc. 

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The day Ireland changed forever…

The 25th of May 2018 will go down in history, the day that Ireland voted overwhelmingly in favour of Repealing the 8th Amendment, meaning that once legislation is passed by the Dáil, abortion will be legal in this country.
It was a divisive campaign and to be honest, I wasn’t expecting the result to be quite as definitive as it was. It had worried me that throughout the run up to voting day , more and more “No” posters were appearing at every road junction. Irrational and scaremongering statements that were so extreme it was if they were designed to con voters into thinking every woman that got pregnant would have a compulsory abortion if the law changed!! However, thankfully these tactics did not work. This result marks a huge shift culturally in a country where less that 40 years ago contraception wasn’t available!

As the exit poll results came through that night it became clear that the Yes campaign had gained over 60% of the vote. As this was such a huge moment for Irish women I wanted to be in Dublin on Saturday, the day the results were confirmed. I wanted to capture the mood on this momentous day, to have a snapshot of what the city looked like, not only in relation to those celebrating the result at Dublin Castle but also elsewhere around the city where people were going about their normal day. Pictures to look back on in years to come which say something about this moment in time, the streetscapes, the fashions, the cars, the technologies etc. I’m not a particularly articulate writer and there’ll be lots of other blogs which will give a commentary on today but I’m hoping these pictures will say something too. Thanks for looking, and here’s to a more liberal, compassionate and less judging Ireland of the future.

There’s no harm in a little rain..

Life can be the sunshine

On peaceful days with the bright blue skies

Or life can be the raindrops

That fall like tears squeezed from your eyes.

Life can be the heaven

That you’ll only reach through hell,

Since you won’t know when you’re happy,

If you’ve not been sad as well.

Life can teach hard lessons

But you’ll be wiser once you know,

That even roses need both sunshine,

And a touch of rain to grow.

By Erin Hanson , The Poetic Underground





A moment in time

I have been going back through some old photos, trying to put some kind of order on them and found this picture.  I think this is the one that really ignited my love of photography, and it is one that I will always treasure.

This weekend many will be packing up the car and heading out on day trips to make the most of the sun…but remember sometimes the most special moments happen in daily life and doing the mundane tasks , you just need to take the time to notice them.

St Patricks Day Trim 2016





Birthday Brights

My little blog is a year old today , how time flies.   I’m not sure if my skills have progressed much in that year to be honest – but I do know one thing for sure, getting out with my camera is still one of my favourite things to do.  Birthdays are all about happiness and brightness, so here are a few colourful pics from my excursions over the weekend.

For the record… It was pretty baltic out but I’ve no idea where the trees got their jumpers 🙂 🙂

Poolbeg Yacht Club – Shooting Small

At the beginning of September I visited Poolbeg Yacht Club on a field trip as part of Digital Photography course I am doing.  Our mission?  To “shoot small”, not necessarily macro but just part of a scene or object to give a different view.  This is kind of in keeping with my last blog post, in that I think it shows beauty in things and places where you may not expect it.

ChainsPoolbeg Lifebuoy Poolbeg Padlock RazorEdge Rope Upturned Boat 2Upturned BoatUpturned Boat

Everything has beauty…

“Everything has beauty but not everyone sees it”……. I recently came across this quote from Chinese philosopher Confucius.  It struck a chord with me as I feel that since I became hooked on this photography lark I notice beauty in things I never would have passed any remarks on previously.  Colours, contrasts, textures, expressions all seem to be magnified.   Clothes pegs, chains, barbed wire, frost damaged rose, frost covered leaves, rags on a tree may not be things that would appeal to you for a photograph however I think these next few pictures show some beauty. See what you think yourself!

Chains Belinter Bench Barbed Wire Dandelion Clock Field Plastic Rows Frost on leaves Rags On Tree Stones Winter Rose

The Kingdom

Photography is a solo sport and with that in mind I took myself off down to Dingle, Co. Kerry for five days back in June so that I could explore the beautiful countryside at my leisure.  Kerry is such a magical place I love it down there, not only for the fantastic scenery but also for the people.  They are just so friendly and welcoming.  As a nation we are known as being a welcoming but the Kerry people take it to a new level.   I stayed in a gorgeous B&B just outside Dingle called An Riasc.  Nestled in the shadows of Mount Brandon, you won’t get a more homely and cosy place to stay.  I absolutely loved it, Denise extends a welcome which makes you feel like a long lost relative.  The little touches (such as chocolate covered strawberries in your room) show that this is a labour of love.  I will, without a shadow of a doubt be returning here when I next head down to Kerry.

I was actually overwhelmed by all the possible locations for some landscape photography , there was just so much to chose from.  I didn’t cover half of this wonderful part of the country, but here are a few pics of my week touring “The Kingdom”

These first couple are from Dingle, its a gorgeously bright and colourful little town and you’ll see the characters you encounter will be just as colourful as the buildings.   The shot of the little yellow tug boat is one of my favourites.

Yellow Boat Dingle

John Bennys Dingle

Dingle Street Performer

One thing that disappointed me was that I didn’t get a clear day to get to see the Gap of Dunloe, I did make my way down there alright but the day was very overcast and misty.  One sight that I will never forget however (even if I didn’t get a great picture of it) was the sight of Stags in the river. Now if I was a seasoned blogger and hadn’t left it four months to write this blog, I would be able to tell you what river it was but I can’t remember! I had pulled in as I spotted a lovely arched bridge , there must have been about 8 arches on it.  I was standing on the side of the bank and heard a splash behind me on the other side of river.  There were two magnificent stags making their way along the river near enough to the bank. As I mentioned earlier there was a heavy enough mist falling so the picture I got wasn’t great but I’ve edited and cleared it up a bit.

Stags in River

The poor old Jaunting Carts weren’t getting much business that day either, but I think this guy looked glad to be having an easy day.

Horse Gap of Dunloe

Next, I drove on to Killarney National Park, thankfully it was a nicer and brighter day that bit further away from the coast.  Plenty to see and do here, Muckross House and Gardens, Muckross Abbey , Torc Waterfall and not forgetting the famous lakes.

Muckross Landscape

Muckross Deadwood with Lake

Muckross Abbey B&WMuckross Flower Bokeh

Rhodedendron HeadRhodedendron_

Big Leaves Muckross

I then made my way back to Killarney town and out to Ross Castle where I got my favourite shot of the holiday.   Street photography is something I’m very interested in but haven’t had the guts to do just yet, a bit apprehensive about reaction of people on the street if they are to catch me taking pictures of them.  However this lovely couple were sitting watch the evening sun drop in the sky just beside Ross Castle so I couldn’t resist taking a sneaky picture.

Elderly Couple Ross Castle

My last day in Kerry brought some great sunshine so I took myself out around the Slea Head Drive.  At this stage I’m running out of adjectives to describe the scenery so I’m hoping my pictures will do some justice to it and also show a slightly different perspective to the usual pictures.

Beach Slea Head  DSCF1573

Flowers Golden Retriever Slea Head

Kerry Stone Horizon

Slea Head Drive-2

Slea Head House Slea Head Road

Wing Mirror

I’ll finish up with a few more pictures from random spots during the week, thanks for stopping by, I hope you’ve enjoyed it.

DSCF1432Kerry Valley Rock Flowers Rolls of Sun

Northern Ireland Roadtrip

One thing I love about Ireland is the beautiful landscape and scenery no matter what direction you drive.  This time I pointed my car towards the North to take in the wonders of the Six Counties.

First stop was Carnlough, Co. Antrim.  The birthplace of Brendan Rodgers, current Liverpool FC manager.

1-DSCF6127 1-DSCF6128


Ballycastle, Co. Antrim was next port of call (pardon the pun). The eye catching sculpture of Children of Lir catching the sun beautifully.

1-DSCF6179 1-DSCF6183

Next stop is the miniature little harbour of Ballintoy.  This picturesque harbour has been used in the filming of Game of Thrones.  Its well hidden and off the beaten track and definitely worth a peek.   I’m not sure what the story is with the little metal tags on the wooden posts but they caught the attention of the romantic in me!

1-DSCF6150 1-DSCF6149


Of course I was really looking forward to going to the Giants Causeway and had great hopes of getting some nice pics but I it was so crowded it was impossible.    However here are a few more pictures from various locations around the North of our fantastic little country!



Thanks for stopping by, hope you visit again soon!