The day Ireland changed forever…

The 25th of May 2018 will go down in history, the day that Ireland voted overwhelmingly in favour of Repealing the 8th Amendment, meaning that once legislation is passed by the Dáil, abortion will be legal in this country.
It was a divisive campaign and to be honest, I wasn’t expecting the result to be quite as definitive as it was. It had worried me that throughout the run up to voting day , more and more “No” posters were appearing at every road junction. Irrational and scaremongering statements that were so extreme it was if they were designed to con voters into thinking every woman that got pregnant would have a compulsory abortion if the law changed!! However, thankfully these tactics did not work. This result marks a huge shift culturally in a country where less that 40 years ago contraception wasn’t available!

As the exit poll results came through that night it became clear that the Yes campaign had gained over 60% of the vote. As this was such a huge moment for Irish women I wanted to be in Dublin on Saturday, the day the results were confirmed. I wanted to capture the mood on this momentous day, to have a snapshot of what the city looked like, not only in relation to those celebrating the result at Dublin Castle but also elsewhere around the city where people were going about their normal day. Pictures to look back on in years to come which say something about this moment in time, the streetscapes, the fashions, the cars, the technologies etc. I’m not a particularly articulate writer and there’ll be lots of other blogs which will give a commentary on today but I’m hoping these pictures will say something too. Thanks for looking, and here’s to a more liberal, compassionate and less judging Ireland of the future.

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