Poolbeg Yacht Club – Shooting Small

At the beginning of September I visited Poolbeg Yacht Club on a field trip as part of Digital Photography course I am doing.  Our mission?  To “shoot small”, not necessarily macro but just part of a scene or object to give a different view.  This is kind of in keeping with my last blog post, in that I think it shows beauty in things and places where you may not expect it.

ChainsPoolbeg Lifebuoy Poolbeg Padlock RazorEdge Rope Upturned Boat 2Upturned BoatUpturned Boat

3 thoughts on “Poolbeg Yacht Club – Shooting Small

    1. Totally agree Claire, I’m constantly looking at things differently now. Thank you for kind comments! I see you’ve had a lot of great shots posted on North Meath Photographic Society page. Great stuff !

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      1. Thanks Amelia, I’m trying to be more pro-active this year, so watch this space 🙂 And I’ll certainly be watching your space to see how you are developing, it’s an exciting journey 🙂


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