The Kingdom

Photography is a solo sport and with that in mind I took myself off down to Dingle, Co. Kerry for five days back in June so that I could explore the beautiful countryside at my leisure.  Kerry is such a magical place I love it down there, not only for the fantastic scenery but also for the people.  They are just so friendly and welcoming.  As a nation we are known as being a welcoming but the Kerry people take it to a new level.   I stayed in a gorgeous B&B just outside Dingle called An Riasc.  Nestled in the shadows of Mount Brandon, you won’t get a more homely and cosy place to stay.  I absolutely loved it, Denise extends a welcome which makes you feel like a long lost relative.  The little touches (such as chocolate covered strawberries in your room) show that this is a labour of love.  I will, without a shadow of a doubt be returning here when I next head down to Kerry.

I was actually overwhelmed by all the possible locations for some landscape photography , there was just so much to chose from.  I didn’t cover half of this wonderful part of the country, but here are a few pics of my week touring “The Kingdom”

These first couple are from Dingle, its a gorgeously bright and colourful little town and you’ll see the characters you encounter will be just as colourful as the buildings.   The shot of the little yellow tug boat is one of my favourites.

Yellow Boat Dingle

John Bennys Dingle

Dingle Street Performer

One thing that disappointed me was that I didn’t get a clear day to get to see the Gap of Dunloe, I did make my way down there alright but the day was very overcast and misty.  One sight that I will never forget however (even if I didn’t get a great picture of it) was the sight of Stags in the river. Now if I was a seasoned blogger and hadn’t left it four months to write this blog, I would be able to tell you what river it was but I can’t remember! I had pulled in as I spotted a lovely arched bridge , there must have been about 8 arches on it.  I was standing on the side of the bank and heard a splash behind me on the other side of river.  There were two magnificent stags making their way along the river near enough to the bank. As I mentioned earlier there was a heavy enough mist falling so the picture I got wasn’t great but I’ve edited and cleared it up a bit.

Stags in River

The poor old Jaunting Carts weren’t getting much business that day either, but I think this guy looked glad to be having an easy day.

Horse Gap of Dunloe

Next, I drove on to Killarney National Park, thankfully it was a nicer and brighter day that bit further away from the coast.  Plenty to see and do here, Muckross House and Gardens, Muckross Abbey , Torc Waterfall and not forgetting the famous lakes.

Muckross Landscape

Muckross Deadwood with Lake

Muckross Abbey B&WMuckross Flower Bokeh

Rhodedendron HeadRhodedendron_

Big Leaves Muckross

I then made my way back to Killarney town and out to Ross Castle where I got my favourite shot of the holiday.   Street photography is something I’m very interested in but haven’t had the guts to do just yet, a bit apprehensive about reaction of people on the street if they are to catch me taking pictures of them.  However this lovely couple were sitting watch the evening sun drop in the sky just beside Ross Castle so I couldn’t resist taking a sneaky picture.

Elderly Couple Ross Castle

My last day in Kerry brought some great sunshine so I took myself out around the Slea Head Drive.  At this stage I’m running out of adjectives to describe the scenery so I’m hoping my pictures will do some justice to it and also show a slightly different perspective to the usual pictures.

Beach Slea Head  DSCF1573

Flowers Golden Retriever Slea Head

Kerry Stone Horizon

Slea Head Drive-2

Slea Head House Slea Head Road

Wing Mirror

I’ll finish up with a few more pictures from random spots during the week, thanks for stopping by, I hope you’ve enjoyed it.

DSCF1432Kerry Valley Rock Flowers Rolls of Sun

One thought on “The Kingdom

  1. Ah elaine they are fab photos. Kerry is my favourite place on earth, would love to have a permanent holiday home there. Well done.


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