May 2014 – All angles at Grand Canal Square

Another little day trip armed with my Fuji Finepix S6800, this time off to the Bord Gais Energy Theatre at Grand Canal Dock.  Yet another fab sunny day, isn’t it great how photos always capture the best of life (mostly!) … I reckon anybody reading this little old blog of mine might think the infamous Irish weather is nothing but a myth!  I’m doing my bit for tourism! Discover Ireland executives, feel free to contact me by commenting on this post! (A girl can dream).   Anyways … I digress, we were going to see Singing in the Rain and it was bloody brilliant.  Vicky Binns, known for her role as Molly in Coronation Street had the main female comedy lead as Lina Lamont and played a blinder.  I’m not going to lie, the voice was ringing in my ears as I was leaving but it was worth it. I couldn’t find a link to Vicky playing the part but here’s a little link from the original movie.  Singing in the Rain Clip. If you don’t know the voice of Lina Lamont, you’ll certainly understand why it was ringing in my ears after watching this!!  It goes without saying I couldn’t take pictures throughout the performance, in any case I was too enthralled with it… sometimes you need to just enjoy things and put away the old camera.   I did want to have a little memento so I got this sneaky little pic at the end of the before all the water was cleared off the stage.


I haven’t always been a fan of modern architecture but I’ve grown to appreciate it through the lens. The buildings in Grand Canal Dock provide many different opportunities for some interesting pictures.  I decided to go with black and white because I love the contrast.



If you would like a little “pop” of colour here’s one of the landmark red pillars against the gorgeous blue sky.


Hope you’ve enjoyed this, please come back to have a look at future posts. I have another seven months to put up before 31st December

Take care  x

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