April 2014 Dublin Zoo – not what you might expect.

Thankfully the April showers stayed away when I visited Dublin Zoo.  I’ve always loved the zoo and have very fond memories of going there as a kid.  Particularly when Ming Ming and Ping Ping the Panda bears arrived there … a quick Google has just informed me that was 1986, it certainly doesn’t feel like 28 years ago!

I had a really lovely day up there and was actually shocked how busy it was for that time of the year.  It was so busy it made it hard for me to get shots of the animals I wanted. However on the upside it made me think a bit more creatively, taking pictures from unusual angles.

Out on the African Plains , the Giraffes were proving to be very popular.  I couldn’t get into the fence to get a decent picture but then I noticed a gap in some rocks that I could peep through. I love these shots, its almost as if I have fulfilled my lifelong dream of going on a safari.

1-DSCF5103 1-DSCF5104


One of the Giraffes then came walking down towards the rocks and almost posed for a picture against the cool blue sky. Plenty of girls would kill for those eyelashes!!


I’ve said before in previous posts that I love how photography has made me notice things around me I wouldn’t normally notice or pay too much attention to.  I found myself being drawn to taking pictures of the various “fixtures and fittings” around the vast grounds.

1-DSCF5038 1-DSCF5234 1-DSCF5236 1-DSCF5163


Many photography magazines I have read have had articles on the “Golden Hour” being the photographers favourite time and that evening I understood why.   Towards the end of the day I was making my way past the large pond near the exit.  As the sun lowered in the sky, the light twinkled magically on the water’s surface.  Swans floated majestically with the fading light catching their feathers, it really was beautiful and very peaceful time of the day.


1-DSCF5260 1-DSCF5261


So that’s some of what I feel are my best pictures from my first zoo visit of 2014, I hope you’ve like them.  I have visited another 3 times since then so if you’d like to see more please follow my blog and you’ll get an email each time I put up a new post.

Thanks for visiting.  🙂

2 thoughts on “April 2014 Dublin Zoo – not what you might expect.

  1. Great shots Elaine, indeed photography does open your eyes and you’ve certainly seen bits of the zoo that I’ve missed 🙂 I look forward to seeing more of your pictures in the club and following your adventures here. Happy New Year, Claire 🙂


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