March 2014 First Visit to the Botanic Gardens

The first Sunday in March, I decided to go up to the Botanic Gardens in Glasnevin. I had been browsing through some photoblogs and fancied having a go at some macro shots.  Also I love Spring, so I was very eager to go be somewhere that had a concentration of new growth signalling the beginning of the end of Winter.   It was a slightly overcast day, with skies threatening showers but I had gone prepared for all eventualities. My incredibly wise 11 year old niece has been known to quote that “Life is not about waiting for showers to pass, but learning to dance in the rain”. Its written across the wall on the dance studio she and her sisters attend.  I think this applies to all area’s of life and is particularly apt for the amateur Irish photographer! If you’re hanging around waiting for the perfect dry day you’ll never get any pics taken.   All you can do is dress for the weather and get out there.  You won’t rust…granted, water is not a friend of the camera but there are ways around that too.  Also, another positive of a grey dreary sky is that natures bright colours seem brighter.  So its all really just about the way you look at it.

The website of the gardens, describes it as “an oasis of calm and beauty” and it certainly is that.  Walking around the grounds its very easy to forget that you are within walking distance of the Dublin City Centre. Its just beautiful there, I loved it.  I bypassed the big conservatories and followed that path down towards the back of the grounds.  I figured I would go into the conservatories if/when the rain arrived.

It wasn’t long before I found the first signs of Spring, a mass of gorgeous crocuses growing amongst the trees.


There had obviously been a little shower of rain just before I arrive, the crocuses were glistening with little droplets of water.  I loved the contrast of the new flowers colours against the old leaves that had fallen to ground months before.


As I made my way through the grounds, I was also taken by the huge variety of different species of trees.  As I continue my blog over the months you may notice I have a bit of a fascination with trees! I love that no two are the same and that one tree can look completely different depending on which angle you are looking at it from.

Unfortunately, I didn’t take note of the names of them I was more focused on what they looked like.

1-DSCF3352 1-DSCF3390

Down at the very back of the Botanic Gardens, there’s a little walled garden where they grow vegetables and there’s a lovely little “lean to” which arches against the old stone wall.

I was doing a Beginners Digital Photography Course at Boyne Community school at the time and we had been talking about leading lines, I found some nice examples for my homework.  Its interesting to see how different the two pics are, and how changing the angle and height from which the picture was taken can make the room seem bigger.


I’m not exactly a gardening expert but there was a plant that was like a climbing version of a Cherry Blossom in this conservatory. I like the way the pink of the blossom stands out against the dull grey wall.


…I really liked this plant too, I’ve decided to call it the Spikey thing, I’m sure the latin name sounds a bit more impressive!!


The River Tolka flows through the back of the gardens, and I got my favourite shot of the day on a little footbridge going across the river. I like how I captured the raindrops on the railing and how the background is blurred out.


So then as the rain started to fall a bit more heavily I had no option to make my way into the large conservatories.  It was like moving to another country , it was so hot and humid in there.  Here’s a selection of some of the various plants and flowers found.

1-DSCF3472 1-DSCF3474-001

1-DSCF3387-001 1-DSCF3439-001

1-DSCF3461 1-DSCF3448

1-DSCF3457 1-DSCF3456

Thanks again for taking the time of have a look at my little blog. I hope you’ll visit again soon. If you would like a email notification of when I put up my next post click the follow button.

Take care xx

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