January 2014 First Day Out

On a wet and dreary Friday evening in January 2014, I popped into Curry’s in Blanch and bought my little baby… my Fuji Finepix S6800. I’d had a Fuji point and shoot for years and was ready to take the next step up. I was like a child at Christmas, (albeit a month late) and literally couldn’t wait for the next day so I could experiment with it. I remember clearly my happiness when I woke up the next day to a beautifully dry and sunny January morning. I’m lucky enough to live in the historic town of Trim, Co. Meath so I didn’t have to go too far to find a nice subject for my days “play”. I’m ashamed to say that even though I have lived just outside Trim all my life I hadn’t been inside the grounds of the Trim Castle since the OPW took it over and the Trim Pitch and Putt Club were evicted from it in the early 90’s (to make way for the filming of Braveheart).
So after taking a few shots around the old Abbey Ruins at Newtown I made my way into Trim Castle and spent a couple of hours testing out the different settings and taking loads of pics. I tried to get shots of the castle from a different perspective… here’s the best of the bunch.

A different type of selfie!
A different type of selfie!
Priory ArchesNewtown BridgeTrim Castle Keep and GroundsTrim Castle EntranceTrim Castle KeepSun dropping behind the KeepA Splash of ColourA little bit of greenHere is the Steeple

So there you go, a few little sample of the results from my first day out with my camera. I went home that day with cold feet, cold hands but a happy heart. Thanks for taking the time to visit, I hope you enjoyed and will come back to see my posts in the future.

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